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The Solo Creator - Issue #10

Ahmed I. Shoukry
Ahmed I. Shoukry
Hello, Solo Creators
My next project is called Sociolize.

I bought the domain name a long time ago.
I do have a community for The Decisions Academy hosted on Slack. To be honest the community isn’t active enough.
My plan is to migrate The Decisions Academy to Sociolize and start building the community again step by step.
My initial plan was to make Sociolize a community for social science learners. The idea came to me after reading the embedded entrepreneur book by Arvid Kahl.
As a founder of The Decisions Academy, I embedded myself into several communities related to behavioral science and behavioral economics. I joined LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, and Slack groups.
I have found that these platforms are not optimal for having a conversation. Links and resources get lost over time.
I have given mighty networks a trial before for another abandoned project and I did really like it back then. Now I am giving Sociolize a shot.
While working on the project I thought why not make Sociolize, the social network for lifelong learners, and make the community for The Decisions Academy and behavioral science learners the first brick.
A social network for lifelong learners where people learn together in a trusted and friendly environment.
Sociolize will be initially an invitation-only community. I want to grow slowly and surely and let the community decide its direction.
Reply and tell me your thoughts.
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Ahmed I. Shoukry
Ahmed I. Shoukry @ashoukry

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