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The Solo Creator - Issue #2

The Solo Creator - Issue #2
By A. I. Shoukry • Issue #2 • View online
Before embarking on a creative journey, you need to ask the why question? For me, why do I write?
There are moments of self-doubt where people shock you with the question, and you think for a moment, and the answer is simply, I love what I do. Even if I don’t gain fame or money or any outside appraisal, I will keep doing what I do. It’s an inside calling; it’s the fire inside; it’s the words that come out of my heart that keep me settled and keep my adrenaline going.
For the past six weeks, I wake up almost every day after dawn to write and work on my side projects. I am republishing the Anchor System Thinking book, marketing for The Decisions Academy, writing blogs, and ordering my website. I am also publishing my weekly newsletter, the life and work newsletter, and editing my podcast, the life and work podcast.
For the moment, I keep The Solo Creator newsletter a bimonthly newsletter.

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