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The Solo Creator - Issue #3

The Solo Creator - Issue #3
By A. I. Shoukry • Issue #3 • View online
When I started The Solo Creator newsletter, my aim was to send the newsletter on a bimonthly basis. I didn’t choose a weekly schedule so to be able to write on schedule with all the things I do in addition to this newsletter. However, this week I failed.
Today we finished the 7th day of Ramadan. Since I started fasting, my creative process went south due to a lack of energy and time. Before sunset, I go to work, and when I get back home, I am drowsy and have no concentration to produce anything.
After sunset and eating, I feel drained and unwilling to do anything except sit in front of the Tv. Yesterday I started to feel energetic. However, I woke up at dawn with a runny nose, and today, the fasting was very hard on me due to continuous sneezing and the common cold I got. After iftar, I took medicine and started to feel better, so I tried to get back on schedule.
The second reason for choosing a bimonthly schedule is to report better on the creative process; two weeks is a reasonable interval to show some work.
I finished a couple of articles, life & work newsletter issues, and podcast episodes in the past two weeks. I also published the second edition of my book, Anchor System Thinking.

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A. I. Shoukry

The Solo Creators newsletter is about Solo Creators :)
I write about writing #selfpublishing #newsletters #podcasting #onlineteaching, struggles and lessons learned during the creation without knowing how to code #nocode #buildinpublic

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