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The Solo Creator - Issue #6

Ahmed I. Shoukry
Ahmed I. Shoukry
Today’s issue is a shared newsletter issue. It’s published in the life & work newsletter and the solo creator newsletter.
I started writing newsletters in the late nineties. Back then, I owned a portal for matching people according to interests, hobbies, and sports, People chose the location, sport, time and got matched like Meetup. I collected emails and sent site news and updates.
Then in 2007, I launched the independent bloggers, A portal for independent bloggers and citizen journalism. I also collected emails and sent news and website updates.
In 2017 I listened to tens of podcast episodes and read books and articles on self-publishing best practices. Writing and publishing a book has been a dream until I finally did it in December 2017. And in around 12 months, I have self-published three books.
The best advice I can give to writers is to connect with their readers. Before writing my first book, I started the A. I. Shoukry newsletter, shared writing updates and personal news. Throughout 2018 and 2019, I didn’t have a regular writing schedule.
In November and December, I made a deep self-reflection, wrote a personal statement with a vision and mission. By January 2020, I committed to write regularly and to focus on decision-making.
For around six months, I succeeded, then my excitement faded, and I published less frequently.
Again, in March 2021, I decided to rebrand my newsletter to be Life & Work instead of A. I. Shoukry. With one mission, publish every Friday, one idea on making better decisions in life and work.
Consistency and focus are critical in succeeding as a writer. Send every Friday, which means I get to write every week at least one article. I need to learn every week. Focusing on decision-making would make the decision to subscribe to the newsletter much more manageable: a precise topic and a regular sending schedule.
I also decided to go meta; I created another newsletter, the Solo Creator newsletter. A bimonthly publication on being a solo creator. Writing on the process of writing and share my experience in self-publishing, podcasting, newsletter distribution, and obviously blogging. You will read about what happens behind the scenes, how I manage my life as a writer, course creator, podcaster, and doctor for a full-time job.
The Solo Creator is a bimonthly newsletter to be more consistent and not lose my inertia.
Many subscribers who subscribed in 2017, 2018, and 2019 subscribed to the A. I. Shoukry newsletter to receive updates on my work.
Both newsletters receive an update on my work. However, there is one central idea for each newsletter.
Every Friday, in Life & Work, learn one idea on how to make better decisions in life and work.
The solo creator, bi-monthly updates on the process of writing and life as a solo creator.
You are more than welcomed to subscribe to both.
Reply to me and tell me what you think about the newsletters and what you would like to read. I am more than happy to respond.
Ahmed Shoukry
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Ahmed I. Shoukry
Ahmed I. Shoukry @ashoukry

A bi-monthly update on lessons, struggles, and life as a Solo Creator.

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