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The Solo Creator - Issue #7

Ahmed I. Shoukry
Ahmed I. Shoukry
Hello Solo Creator,
The past three weeks, I have been very productive, and a lot has been going on my mind to move my blog, newsletter, podcast, and The Decisions Academy forward.

I published 13 blog posts on decision-making. Most of the published posts are from my book In or Out. However, the blog posts are now much more polished. It’s quite interesting how you improve at writing by being consistent and forming a habit.
I aim to publish more than 100 blog posts on decision-making in 5 months. I have now crossed around 40 posts.
Writing on average of 3 articles per week will take me 20 weeks to get to the 100. However, my goal is to reach 100 much before that.
Today I am sharing with you a lesson that I learned during the past weeks that made me write more prolificarly.
7 Steps to improve your writing habit
  1. Always keep an unfinished word doc open and leave it where you still have unwritten words inside of you.
  2. Start writing the next day where you left. This reduces the time to get into the flow.
  3. Finish your blog post and publish.
  4. Use the inertia to start another new blog post.
  5. Stop writing and leave the blog post unfinished just before the conclusion section.
  6. Sleep on it.
  7. Repeat.
Before I leave you with 3 podcast episodes to listen to and 13 articles to read, reply to me and tell me your writing tips.
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Ahmed I. Shoukry
Ahmed I. Shoukry @ashoukry

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