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The Solo Creator - Issue #9

Ahmed I. Shoukry
Ahmed I. Shoukry
Hello Solo Creator :)
Managing your social media accounts for marketing is a daunting task especially if you manage multiple accounts on multiple platforms.
Number one advice is to focus on one network and it’s easier said than done. New platforms emerge every day and they are always shiny and tempting.
I have finally decided to give Hypefury a try.

17 reasons why I finally settled for Hypefury to manage my Twitter Accounts
1. You can add multiple Twitter accounts
I added my main @ashoukry
my newsletter @lifeand_work
and my academy @DecisionsAcad
2. You can add a tweet plug to your tweets and whenever a tweet gets a high engagement (you can set the number of likes or retweets.), Hypefury adds a tweet as a comment. You can set a number of tweets as templates.
3. You can enable auto retweets to other accounts. Right now I am auto retweeting my Decisions Academy account. The Decisions Academy retweets the life and work account and the life and work account retweets The Decisions Academy account.
4. You can boost your tweets by auto retweeting your own tweets according to engagements. You set the number of likes and retweets.
5. You can post auto-generated quotes whenever you have a writing block.
6. You can post your tweets as images to Instagram with the caption.
7. You can post to Facebook and LinkedIn (requires a higher plan)
8. You can post to multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts that is related to your multiple Twitter accounts
9. You can have evergreen tweets that are set to be posted around the year
10. You can have a social media calendar - where you can sort tweets according to categories, blog posts, quotes et.
11. You can see your analytics inside your account - requires a higher plan
12. You can see your tweet history inside your account
13. You can schedule and save drafts and threads as much as you like
14. You can manage your mentions and schedule replies and retweets of other accounts
15. They charge a fair price according to your geographical location
16. They do have an affiliate program
Hypefury - Grow & Monetize your Twitter presence
As a Solo Creator, what tools do you use to mange your social media presence?
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Ahmed I. Shoukry
Ahmed I. Shoukry @ashoukry

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